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Check the facts
certification training

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CTF Training

Join us in prevention education–
become a Check the Facts (CTF) Certified Educator

and get equipped with all the tools and resources
you need to
instruct your classroom in person,
online or hybrid.
“I highly recommend the Check the Facts program. It gives students unbiased information that empowers them to make the best choices for their health and future.”

Check the Facts Certified Educator

why ctf?

CTF is a balanced sexual health curriculum option for Junior High and High School
students, and is compliant with the California Healthy Youth Act (AB329) and National and
State Health Standards without layers of over-sexualized content and imagery that are common among other programs. CTF curriculum was developed to educate, equip, and empower students to make life affirming choices for their overall optimal health and well-being by providing instruction that is evidence informed, science based, medically accurate, unbiased, and age-appropriate.

You will learn hands-on learning activities such as games, role plays and discussions to build
knowledge, skills, and awareness that help students reduce risks of unplanned pregnancies, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Instruction and materials are for use with pupils of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds, pupils with disabilities, and English language learners.


After registration, you will receive the required pre-training work (approx. 26-31 hours) to be completed before our first session.

  • Sexual Health Educator Training

  • Mandated Reporting 

  • CTF Lesson Videos 


Certification - $999.00

  • Training videos (Professional development) 

  • Curriculum (Junior High and High School)

  • Access to videos for classroom use 

  • Workbook (Digital) 

  • Presentations for each lesson 

  • 1-year licensing fee (reach as many students as you can in-person or virtual classroom)


Annual Renewal - $99.00 

  • Cap at $999.00 per site 

  • Training recertification video 

  • Access to updated materials; curriculum, workbooks, slides and videos (most up-to-date statistics updates done every summer) 

  • 1-year licensing fee (reach as many students as you can in-person or virtual classroom)

If you’d like more information about our certification training program , get in touch today.

register today

•  Live Zoom Trainings with Jeanette Fanconi, author of CTF

•  Schedule: Tuesdays 9am-1:30pm PST on 2/13/24, 2/20/24 & 2/27/24

10 Lessons include facts and skills on these topics:

Decision making
Goal setting
The importance of Trusted Adults

How to access information
Communication skills
Fetal development



Teen pregnancy

STDs/STIs including HIV
Negotiation & refusal skills

Facts on healthy & unhealthy relationships

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