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is the casual sex culture failing our youth?

U.S. pregnancy rate of 12-19 year olds is one of the highest in the developed world.


Half of the 26 million new cases per year of sexually transmitted diseases (stds) are teens ages 15-24.

most kids are exposed to porn by age 13, with some exposed as young as 7.


teens who engage in things like sexual activity were more vulnerable to depressioN, suicidal thoughts, AnD Suicide attemptS.

Prevention education works

Totally unique in our approach, we offer a comprehensive sexual health curriculum, without the layers of oversexualized content and unbalanced messaging that has become standard in school curricula.

Check the Facts is our solution to the sex ed problem.

Overview Video

Beacon's executive director explains what Teens are facing:

check the facts:
sex ed programs
without the agenda

We give the facts, so students can make educated choices for their body and future.

Beacon of Light is proud to offer Check the Facts, an alternative state-compliant, 10-day curriculum for junior high and high school. It is prevention education that tackles the tough topics while empowering students to make life affirming choices for their overall optimal health and well-being.

This program changed my mind completely. Now I see how big of a deal sex is. I've never heard the truth about it all. I'm glad I was informed about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sex before it's too late.

Student, Age 16

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