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Public Schools 

Full 10-day Curriculum

for Junior High &

High School

CA Healthy Youth Act Complaint  

Private Schools 

Reliable up-to-date facts on all the important topics and questions your students have.


Use all or parts of the curriculum to supplement what you currently have.  



Equip your teen with the facts to complete a sexual health module.

"Push & Play" videos along with workbook

 Youth Organizations 

Empower the Youth you work with. They need the facts from trusted adults. 

Train your educators or purchase "push & play"



Start the conversations right where you are at! 

Order our Education Cards - to start consistent small conversations with your teen today! 


2 steps: Education cards and video

Public & Private School Solution

Check the Facts programs have been serving 6,000+ students per year in Northern California since 2016. Beacon of Light is ready to launch them throughout California and any other interested states.

Consists of ten presentations covering topics such as:

  • Anatomy, Conception, and Fetal Development

  • Gender Identity, Stereotypes, and Allyship

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections, Contraception

  • Social Media Awareness and Safety

  • Healthy Relationships

Get Trained

Home School Soultion 

Check the Facts Junior High or High School Video Series 

11 Videos covering all the topics with workbooks 


Youth Organization Solutions 

Check the Facts is ideal for student learning environments of all kinds. It is a non-religious and fact-based curriculum that addresses the questions young people are asking. It is relatable, easy to discuss with peers and at home, and encouraging to students who are already making healthy choices.

Option 1: Get trained along side health teachers access to all tools including "push and play videos" educate the youth you work with

Get Trained

Option 2: purchase "push and Play" videos to give the facts and start the conversations 


Parent Solutions 

Step 1: Education Cards Start the conversations and get educated together. Build communication with your teen around their sexual health 

Education carDS

Step 2: Order "push & play" for the facts 


Questions about opting out or your teen already had sex ed . . . Read our Parent toolkit for public school

CA Healthy Youth Act Compliance

Check the Facts is a complete solution for California Healthy Youth Act (CYHA) AB-329. It is comprehensive in nature without oversexualizing content, images, and activities.

Our teaching points are rooted in current statistics from the CDC and up-to-date relationship research.


Parents have the greatest influence over their child's decisions about sex—more than friends, siblings, or the media, according to national surveys conducted by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Beacon of Light's education model includes parents, caregivers, and trusted adults in the preparing of young people for healthy living and life's big decisions. Check the Facts programs encourage healthy decision making for students while encouraging them to stay connected to the trusted adults in their lives. Part of the way we do that is providing transparency with our material.


1. Albert B. (2012). With one voice: America’s adults and teens sound off about teen pregnancy. Washington, DC: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Retrieved February 11, 2014, from

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