We give the facts, so the students can make educated choices for their body and future. The presentation is geared for teens (Junior High & High School) and is visual, dynamic and humorous. 

Schedule "The Talk"

 This presentation can fit in one period (45-90 mins) with 1-2 speakers at a time. 


We cover a wide range of topics with up to date stats on; STD/STI's, condoms, birth control, pregnancy options, teens & sex, pornography, sexual abuse, healthy relationships and the speaker's personal story. Overall, sex is worth the wait!

"Beacon of Light has been an inspiration to many teens over the years in my courses. Fran and Amber come to my classroom and speak on the evident truths associated with teen sexual health. They present the truth, speak from experience, and give the students encouragement to stand firm through the evidence. I highly recommend all students to have the opportunity to take part in this relevant information." 

High School

Health/Biology Instructor

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